I woke up with a smile today. I had good brunch and I was eager to do something new. For starters, I did some tweaking on this site. I think I found the perfect theme! I also edited every photo I have in here and inserted watermark. My Love said I should protect what is rightfully mine. True that!

Anyway, while I was having a writer’s block (if I am considered a legit writer), I got into Pinterest.

And here are the reasons why I love Pinterest:

  • I am a make-up junkie. I have my own vanity table. I have make-ups that ranges from Revlon to MAC, Clinique and Shiseido. Seeing all the make-ups in this site brings me joy.

  • I wasn’t into fashion until I met my Love, who taught me how to wear decent clothes. Pinterest is a haven to all fashion-savvy.

  • I love pinning about Places. It makes my dream travel more attainable, since I can literally visualize all of those places at one click.

  • I found it really addicting, I must say.

Discover the wonders of Pinterest. Come join the fun! 🙂