I found myself holding a radiography book after brunch. After a while, I can’t seem to get over the fact that I am easily distracted. I went to the messy table, sat down and tried to review but all efforts failed so I ended up browsing through the picture folder. Memory lane, here we go again. I felt the longing for a friend. Everything seem like ages ago, a distant past.

I have a few friends but I rarely get to talk to them. They were always busy and my messages always gets lost somewhere in the process of sending it. I guess we just grow apart, every single time. Ask me to name a friend from high school, and I will look at you as if you are speaking an alien language. I was always regarded as the reliable friend but not good enough to receive a random “Good morning, I thought about you” text or call. I am always seen as the good friend but only for a moment. I have my fair share of sleepless nights contemplating what have I done wrong. Well, this is the subconscious reason of why I am here. I long for people to listen to what I have to say. I long for a connection. I know I sound pathetic, but what is life without people to share it with?