Grumpy Old

Today isn’t really the best day of my life.

I have been sulking all day, carrying a burden that has been causing me a lot of stress these past few days. How did I deal with it? For starters, I have been very mean to everyone and I think, even to myself. I tried to drown the feelings with work but efforts were hopeless.

My dilemma is:

“I am leaving the country in exactly two weeks and I don’t have enough money for food, transportation and emergency.”

I have tried everything I can, sold everything I have and asked for help from some friends yet results are futile. My current situation made me realize that most travel blogs forget to mention the hard part of traveling, in example, that budgeting is very hard and planning a trip can turn your world upside down. I am literally on the verge right now. Flights are ready and some of the hostels I’m staying are paid in half or full, all I have to do is to be there. Problem lies is when I get there.

What will I eat? How can I get from the airport to the hostel I will be staying  that is 18 miles apart? 

Added dilemma is I don’t have a waterproof bag to take. The Samsonite bag I was supposed to take was ruined by the person I lent it to.

Everything’s not going as I imagined it in my head. I’m still hoping for the better.

Little Dreamer,

Erika Louise

PS. Happy 1st Anniversary to moi!

Anniversary Greetings