Lunch Time

The sun was peeking slowly when the famous “buzz crash” hit me hard. It’s five in the morning and I am regretting that cup of coffee I took by dinner. Kopiko Brown is the only instant coffee I can ever love. Creamy and strong, that’s how I like it. I tend to consume a good five cups in one sitting. You don’t have to tell me how wrong that could be, palpitation already did the job.

On the other hand, all the efforts of living a normal life is currently thrown to waste. I woke up at noon, took my first meal by 1pm and had been munching on a 6 twin bar packs of Twix while watching Season 6 of Dexter. This is my typical day and this is what I’ve become of – a certified couch potato and a bum. My life is on hold until I pass that licensure exam this December. Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks. 16 years of my life, I have devoted it to studies. This break is what I need.

Actually, I am dying to go to a beach. It has been two years, and I miss going on island hopping and getting a tan. I miss the sand, the clear water, and most of all, the sound of the sea at night. Oops, I forgot to mention this: wearing two-piece bikini. I gained a lot of weight and far from looking close to what you see in the picture. So yeah, forget about it.

The series is getting really good. I’m drooling over the camera they are using in their investigations. Don’t you notice? They really make it look like crime scene investigations are exciting and easy. I wish to become part of that team someday but for now, I have to tend to my tummy needs. It’s dinner time for normal people. Well for me, it’s finally time for lunch.