I’m a Kid Magnet

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I used to and still get a lot of looks whenever we go out together. She loves taking my hand and holds it real tight each time. Today, she buried her face in my month old sheets, telling everyone how good it smells. I call her “Pam” and she’s my baby but she isn’t biologically mine. She’s the love of my life’s godchild and niece through a cousin. I remember the first time I met her, she was a snob. My love says I have a way with kids. “The first time and they fell in love with you already.” If we have terms like chick magnet – a guy who attracts girls, and boy magnet – a girl who attracts boys, my love says I am the rightful owner of the term Kid Magnet.

Speaking of kids, I’ve bumped into an old schoolmate and she asked me how my kids were. Funny, there were rumors circulating that I am a single mother of 3. No matter how hard I try to avoid those people for reasons I will save for my next entry, there’s still talks about me behind my back. Let me tell you Small Minds, that despite being voted as the “first one to get pregnant after high school”, I proved you all wrong. Take that! (I suppose this had gone way out of the topic.)

So it’s dinner time. I’m thinking about tuna in scrambled eggs and rice. Ok. Gotta go.