Home away from Home

Grand Palace

Currently here in Bangkok, Thailand and I am two nights away from leaving for Malaysia. Bangkok is a kind of city that grows on you. It’s busy, everything is far apart but I definitely love their transportation.

The ferry is the fastest way to go around, and the cheapest way as long as you ride the right express boat that only cost 15 Bahts.

BTS Bangkok ThailandThe trains are great and very convenient as they are intertwined and it’s very easy to change trains to get to your point of destination. A lot of tuktuks are scammers so I don’t recommend them. They will agree to a fare worth 10-20 Bahts. You think you got it cheap but then the tuktuk will take you to certain souvenir shops with low quality products and will force you to buy so the tuktuk drivers will get their commission. So tuktuks are actually a no-no. The taxis are expensive especially during traffics. So the past four days, I did a lot of walking and ferry rides and train rides.

This city makes me miss Cambodia. Siem Reap has the cheapest way of life and I love how I can have a draught beer for $0.50 only. Everything here is pretty much a notch up from my home away from home. A 640ml Chang Beer cost 90 Bahts averaging $3 per beer. Frustrating, I could have 6 beers back home in Siem Reap already. (I’m sorry for ranting about prices, work with me. I am homesick.)

Food TripMeals here starts at 170 Bahts for a main cuisine on the regular Thai restaurant. You can get cheap meals starting at 40 Bahts for street foods. I found my haven in the “Rotee”  Banana Nutella flavor. The cook and his wife make such good team and they are spic and span as well. Photo op for the cooked scorpions, beetles, and other insects cost 10 Baht. I was thinking about trying the scorpion but I’m a coward. Anyway, they also have sweet corn that I love so much but the stall that sells it is not along the Khaosan Road but at the Susie Walking Street which is parallel to Khaosan.

Khao San Road

I must say, Khao San Road is not as lively as my Pub Street. Way of living here is very expensive, and I know it gets more expensive as I go on to my final destination.

Oh, how I miss my heart! I left it in Siem Reap.



I’m a Kid Magnet

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I used to and still get a lot of looks whenever we go out together. She loves taking my hand and holds it real tight each time. Today, she buried her face in my month old sheets, telling everyone how good it smells. I call her “Pam” and she’s my baby but she isn’t biologically mine. She’s the love of my life’s godchild and niece through a cousin. I remember the first time I met her, she was a snob. My love says I have a way with kids. “The first time and they fell in love with you already.” If we have terms like chick magnet – a guy who attracts girls, and boy magnet – a girl who attracts boys, my love says I am the rightful owner of the term Kid Magnet.

Speaking of kids, I’ve bumped into an old schoolmate and she asked me how my kids were. Funny, there were rumors circulating that I am a single mother of 3. No matter how hard I try to avoid those people for reasons I will save for my next entry, there’s still talks about me behind my back. Let me tell you Small Minds, that despite being voted as the “first one to get pregnant after high school”, I proved you all wrong. Take that! (I suppose this had gone way out of the topic.)

So it’s dinner time. I’m thinking about tuna in scrambled eggs and rice. Ok. Gotta go.